by Dr. Carmilla

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A limited release single, from the upcoming EP, 造花「zouka」.


It's as though I'm made of glass,
Invisible me that nobody sees.
Is there some kind of 'innate' defect
That wrote my so called 'destiny'?

The hour tolls eleven
And they begin to move the doors,
"A woman knows her place in life
Daughters must die to win our wars".

Can you hear us
Or are you too involved to see?
Invisible dress-up dolls,
lined up and eager to please.

Listen closely to the scream-
The suffocating silencing.
And in the front the mirrored one,
The roses they grew were strapped to their guns.

The trenches' veins ran thick with red,
The killing fields were paved with embers and lead,
And nothing but the sound of rain,
Bent like beggars, we bowed our heads.

So silently we packed and left,
The toy soldier and I.
Thoughts drifted to the flowers
Scattered about, broken and dead.

Marching victims, women of war,
Eleven more coffins filled with roses.
They dried off their tears and hushed their despair
Yet erect stood the cannons that had buried them there.

Listen closely to the scream,
The suffocating silencing.


released November 11, 2011
'Eleven' written, performed and recorded by Dr. Carmilla at Silvana Laboratory.

Artwork courtesy of Maki Yamazaki




Dr. Carmilla Glasgow, UK

Dr. Carmilla tells the twisted tales of a dystopian future following WWII having ended very differently. Her unique blend of dieselpunk cabaret and visual kei defies conventional classification and has been compared to the likes of Amanda Palmer, David Bowie, Nick Cave and Pink Floyd.

Her stage presence has been described as atmospheric and mesmerising.
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