I am the girl that
They ignored
As they packed their obsessions
And fled from the shore.

With an armful of books
They left me to weep
Beneath the willow tree,
I drifted to sleep.

One day I'll be somebody else:
A rocket girl.
Rocket, rocket girl.

As my eyes opened wide,
They drank from sky
The cyan-eyed hue,
Leaving behind the blues
Of the past.
I'm lost and I'm
Free at last.

One day I'll be somebody else:
A rocket girl.
Rocket, rocket girl.

In a cafe, I caught
Glimpses of her-
A picture of poetry
Crafted by Orpheus.

"Hey you look great,
Where'd you get that dress?"
We spoke about and Verne
And The kiss I suppressed
Burned my lips in refrain.

Somehow, we're in your room.
My knees start to give.
When we went down on the bed
I felt myself shiver and sigh.

Some day, lets fly together away
Rocket Girl
You were my rocket girl.

Rocket, rocket girl:
You rocked my world,
Rocket girl.

September came
And the sky starts to fade.
You promised me
That you'd take me away.

We checked our flight gear
And with eyeful of tears
You drifted away deep in to space
Alone In your rocket,

Rocket, rocket girl.

Rocket girl.


from Ageha {Prototype Edition}, released January 20, 2011




Dr. Carmilla Glasgow, UK

Dr. Carmilla tells the twisted tales of a dystopian future following WWII having ended very differently. Her unique blend of dieselpunk cabaret and visual kei defies conventional classification and has been compared to the likes of Amanda Palmer, David Bowie, Nick Cave and Pink Floyd.

Her stage presence has been described as atmospheric and mesmerising.
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