Thick as Thieves [Loreli, Part III]

from by Dr. Carmilla



Shattered pigment on a nameless wall
[Left foot, right foot]
And the beat goes on,
As we march to the sound of a broken drum

A hanging man swayed in the wind,
The mask clung tightly to his pallid skin,
But, "A punctured tank is all it takes
To break a man, to cake a lung-
So keep yourself strapped tight,

We walked in the falling ashes
And the dust settles, thick as thieves.
Whilst angels slept in blackened snow,
Unearthing bones 'midst sticks and stones,
We dug our treasures from human sheaths.

Overhead, the Sirens moaned,
We packed and fled towards our homes,
but "clumsy feet make people trip,
The smallest tears will make you sick"
And through the gas I felt your grip.

I fell into the ash,
You and I, thick as thieves.
Whilst angels slept in blackened snow
I saw their faces, close below,
silently colliding as they speak.


from Ageha {Prototype Edition}, released January 20, 2011
Poem adapted from 'I Saw His Round Mouth's Crimson' by Wilfred Owen [R.I.P.].




Dr. Carmilla Glasgow, UK

Dr. Carmilla tells the twisted tales of a dystopian future following WWII having ended very differently. Her unique blend of dieselpunk cabaret and visual kei defies conventional classification and has been compared to the likes of Amanda Palmer, David Bowie, Nick Cave and Pink Floyd.

Her stage presence has been described as atmospheric and mesmerising.
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