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We've got a pill to thrill you
And a pill to make you sane.
This one'll turn you inside out,
One will melt your brain.

There's a truth inside each one
And the key to new disease.
You can open up or try and run
But try this first, please.

There's a knife with your name on it-
we can provide this for you-
And with a pocket full of gold, my dear,
There's nothing we can't do

There's a truth inside
Each one of you,
So open up your sides because
There's nothing you can do.

Now your neighbour, dear Mrs. Alice-
She's a picture of health,
What's that you say? Her husband who died last week?
Well let's just say: "His future held no wealth".

You can say whatever you like,
but you know the truth:
We provide your medicine
And we provide the future...

There's a pink pill and a blue pill,
But both will turn you red.
Here's the bill for your organ.
Pay up or we'll take the rest.


from Ageha {Prototype Edition}, released January 20, 2011




Dr. Carmilla Glasgow, UK

Dr. Carmilla tells the twisted tales of a dystopian future following WWII having ended very differently. Her unique blend of dieselpunk cabaret and visual kei defies conventional classification and has been compared to the likes of Amanda Palmer, David Bowie, Nick Cave and Pink Floyd.

Her stage presence has been described as atmospheric and mesmerising.
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